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Allan Hendry, designer and proprietor

In markets outside the UK, inc. Norway, we serve customers directly, negotiating prices and the choices of options.

In the UK, with Covid issues customers have changed more to direct - from dealer sale, just demo, or systems.


UK prices including shipment and VAT:

Models: A - £1,990. AA - £2,880, ADA - £3,330

Models: S - £1,660 SA - £ 2,440, SDA - £2,990


Latest dealer info:

In Wolverhampton: Midland Hi Fi will have the first 2021 top-of-the-line active Model AA.

The Model AA can demonstrate the audio characteristics of the 20Hz, 550 watt core Model A, as well as all the input controls, connectivity, and amplifier power of both of the Active Models, the AA and the 500 watt dual-amp ADA.

Mike Norton, probably the most established and respected figure in UK top-end hi-fi, has selected the Model A base as an outstanding loudspeaker in every respect.

midland-hifi-studio 01902 380083

In Ashby de la Zouch: Zouch Audio have demo Models A and S, our core products.

Established in 1995 by Mike Statham, Zouch Audio supplies the highest quality hifi systems.. They believe in that personal touch with good old fashion service. Supported by his wife Lynne and Lee, Mike has always strived to make music systems, not hifi systems.

This is spurred from his many years experience in live music events and his ongoing passion for listening to the real thing. They never put you under pressure and we will tailor equipment to your needs and budget.

Zouch Audio 01530 414128


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This unsolicited e-mail is from a knowledgeable customer who purchased a Model A. Quoted with permission.

David Harvey 7 Jan 2021

“Dear Allan,

A very Happy New Year to you and hope that you are well and had a good Christmas.

I am now ready to submit a few thoughts about the speakers now that my system is as I want it and can therefore be considered 'finished'.

I have a big room and the Model As suit it very well. It is driven by a Musical Fidelity amp of some vintage and which has been upgraded by the estimable John Sansom who trades as JS Audio and who was engineer at MF for many years. The pre amp has tubes and the dual mono power stage produces something in the region of 250wpc into 8 ohms. I have tried the speakers with lower powered amplification and the results were excellent but now, fully run in and with the upgraded amp similarly ready to give of its best the results are, frankly jaw-dropping. The sound fills the room with extraordinary scale in a way I haven't heard from any stand mounted speaker and few floor standers and then not at anywhere near this price.

Allan suggested that I wouldn't need a sub woofer and I can confirm that is exactly right as on certain pieces, the earth or at least the room, heck the house, just moves. You feel the music through to your core but not ever at the expense of control. By experimenting with Allan's handy foam rectangles I have, or so I thought, got to a place when the speakers don't boom on me. My problem is that it is a sprung wooden floor and the room 'plays' particularly at higher levels and with music with low frequency energy- though of course some 'thinner' recordings still sound thin but that is hardly the fault of the Monopulses. However it isn't something that bothers me as all spaces have different sounds - some concert venues I have been to have very poor acoustics. 

Clarity is excellent, the leading edges of notes in particular are razor sharp. Plucks and taps hang in space and if playing at volume, can be felt as well as heard. Not that it sounds too harsh- unless fed with an overly bright source but rather the definition and space around the players/instruments is extraordinary; depth and width are apparent but not in a false or synthetic way it seems entirely natural- dependent at least on source material. My vinyl collection has also had a resurgence as the As coupled with my highly modified Thorens deck delivers an especially sweet and convincing sound. I have spent a fair bit of time cleaning records whilst listening to freshly cleaned LPs bought for pennies in charity shops- 5 for a pound and some gems amongst them! 

The Model As replace speakers which were renowned for their midrange clarity but by comparison they sounded very forward in the mids which makes me realise that the Model As are in fact much better balanced. I listen to a fair bit of Jazz as well as complex orchestral, acoustic and rock and the As seem to be as happy with one type of music as another. Vocals are handled naturally both female and male voices being clearly rendered. 

My speakers have walnut tops and tails and look very smart in their black cloth livery and the carrying handles makes moving them risk free and a very simple matter.

In conclusion I am highly delighted with my Model As and would recommend unreservedly.

Best wishes, David”

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