Custom build - with unrivalled choices

Match - and fit in with the surroundings

(and other people?)

Cloth colours - choice of ten (Wood - see below)

We can send samples to help your choice.


Black: Hi-Fi high tech

White: Caution advised.

Slate Grey

Slate Grey: Fits in


Champagne: For light furnishing

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: Touch of luxury


Cranberry: For a difference.


Burgundy: Rich red hue.


Biscuit: Blends with furnishing.

Bright Lavender

Electric Blue: Contemporary

Bottle Green

Bottle Green: Stately.

Our custom build enables other choices

Passive connection & HF adjustment options.

Standard. Normal 2 wire input with 2 terminals - and no bridging straps.

Bi- wire. 4 wire input with 4 terminals separate bass & HF terminals. These can be bridged for 2 wire connection.

HF Boost. (Standard or Bi-wire) For listening at low volumes (late night, other occupants, neighbours? ) with HF slight boost.

HF Reduction. (Standard or Bi-wire) For HF reduction for listening high volumes, or in "live" rooms if HF too pronounced.

Active model HF & LF tone adjustment is by remote control.

Room response LF adjustment

If room resonances give excess bass, LF port damping plugs can be supplied.

Larger Terminals

Passive A & S only - Michell Big Mother

Floor mounting

Long steel & medium plasic spikes included.


Hardwood tops and bases - show the grain


Light Oak ............ Redwood............. Walnut








- or any silk metallic colour


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