A snapped twig in a jungle - gives an impulse

How we sense direction - how we survived

MonoPulse unique impulse precision

Makes that image reality

Passive Model A


Power & bass

500 watts 20Hz

200mm Kevlar LF
28mm silk-dome HF

110 h, 24 w, 24 deep

Passive Model S

Slim performance

Compact realism

300 watts 25hz

160mm Kevlar LF
28mm silk-dome HF

100 h, 20 wide, 20 deep


Inclusive customised specs

See below - f.o.c. Other acoustic, connection,
HF & LF features can often be made.


Years of praise

NOW. Dec 2021. Model A " Hi Allan am over the moon didn't realise how amazing they would look and the sound is breathtaking  thanks again well worth the wait. Gary Clarke.

Hi-Fi Choice Sept 2003. Model S "Allan Hendry built loudspeakers in his teens.. Then, with a BSc, working in hi-tech electronics, he realised the significance of impulse precision, in delivering a realism that's positively electrifying." Paul Messenger.

Hi-Fi + July 2021. Model SA - active, 2 x 50W Class D. The pre amp, with remote, streams via wi-fi and Bluetooth. Set-up is fast, easy to use, and reaches new generations with its slim footprint and range of colours."

International reports Media and Customers

Unique Design compared to Other speakers


Now active+. Reality. IR multi-source

300/500 watts power - via external amp
Audiophile, valve-amp perfect 8 ohms impedance
Or below - save the ext. amp & use 50W internal amp


Internal amp - SA and AA

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth streaming
Plus all input options & sockets
Class D amp in master unit
Active 50 watts per channel

Bi-amp - SDA and ADA

Class D amps in both units gives
the ultimate audiophile spec of
an amp per speaker drive-unit
Total power 200 watts

Active modes

Full Wi-Fi – 24 bit master downloads
Bluetooth – 16-bit. Easy access
3.5mm w IR control – c.d., Alexa, etc
RCA – deck pre-amp, w volume control
USB - or memory-stick, socket
Full hand-held remote IR control


RCA sockets - amp input. Direct to speaker 8 ohm


Pre-amp aux inputs

LAN - cable or optical from router

USB socket - also for memory stick

3.5mm co-ax - with IR control


IR remote modes at 50W - 500W

Main hi-fi user - from any on-line wi-fi source
Family and guests - easy Bluetooth via phone
Radio and music - via voice command
Aux inputs - optical, USB, deck.

MonoPulse - Realism in reviews

Hi-Fi NewsModel A. "Every audiophiles dream? Allan Hendry believes that for loudspeakers to be realistic, they must be time and phase coherent. Images lock into space, for out-of-the-box imaging and realism beyond the room boundaries." David Alcock

What Hi-FiModel S. Five stars "Puts emphasis on getting the phase precision between the mid/bass and the tweeter spot on. It's succeeded, so that the Ss latch on to the leading edge of every note with breathtaking confidence."

Model S. Hi-Fi + "Precision so realistic one is rarely conscious of any intrusion from the speakers themselves."

Many more pages see .. Media reactions

Custom options - unrivalled choices

Cloth - 8 Options


Top & Base
Oak, Walnut
Redwood, or any
metallic colour
See Options



Can include all listed plus other agreed acoustic, connection, finish, and HF & LF features. See Options




"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison" (What Hi-Fi)

"Realism you can almost touch"

MonoPulse - "nothing compares"

If you you don't see the need for impulse precision
stay away from dark Canadian or Norwegian forests!

So shut your eyes and listen through the speakers
- to the mixing desk, to what the producer created.

Precision becomes invisible

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