MonoPulse holographic precision - for stunningly accurate surround-sound.


Using Model A front units.

This gives an awesome 1,850 watts - also the 20Hz bass for full cinema.

Model S Floorstanders or Standmounts are used for rears and the special Model S based centre unit for the front centre. (see details below)


With the 20Hz bass of the Model A - a sub-woofer is not needed. This avoids detached and imbalanced sounds which these can gives.


We offer a 15 % price reduction on the individual units.

Live outside UK/Europe - or dealer here out of range? We supply directly around the globe - details Buy direct


Using Model S Floorstander front units:.

Combined with Model S Floorstander or Standmount rear units and Model S centre - gives 1,250 watts.


The 25Hz Model S - can also be used without sub-woofer - avoiding their problems.

Our minimum system uses Model S Standmounts - as sides and rears - with no centre unit. Additional negotiable price reduction




The Model S based centre unit:


A 250 watt, 25Hz speaker in its own right.

It also has the same HF unit as our flagship Model A.

19cm high, 22.5cm deep and 44cm wide. Price £495, E595

For usage details click on: Centre info PDF



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