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What Hi-Fi five star review Five stars: "other loudspeakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison."

See Reviews for all 40 MonoPulse media reports. What sets us apart is praise for realism..


The Model S Floorstander and the Model S Standmount.


Holographic realism & sound-stage of the Model A.


Huge choice of tops and bases.

Solid hardwood in Walnut, (below left), Redwood (right) and Oak, (page below)

Or any colour metallic finish wood-grain (Black - left)



28mm HF drive units - as the flagship Model A.
22kHz from silk-domes and neodymium magnets.

250 watt Kevlar LF units - for power and clarity.

Ten cloth colours - for all colour details - see Cloth



The Floorstander - slim and powerful


300 watt power handling - 150 watts continuous - real power in this slim speaker.

95cm high x 20cm deep x 23cm wide. Weight 12kg

25Hz bass (Hi-Fi+) from 160mm LF drivers tuned to 39Hz

(Left - Base in Walnut)



90 dB sensitivity. Valve amp minimum 18 watts, and solid state 35 watts.

8 ohms impedance - Perfect for valve amps - and is less sensitive to differences between solid-state amps.

For fuller spec PDFs - and usage details - see S floorstander and Listening

Right. Optional - extending spike holders in Black


£1,295, UK. E1,495 Europe. Dealer out of range? We supply around the globe - see Buy direct


The Standmount - a compact full spec speaker.


Based on the floorstander - with similar specifications and the same colour choices.

The result is the same full sound.

("it should not be possible - to get this rich large sound" - from Norway, see below)


48cm high x 18 cm wide x 23cm deep. (3cm deeper than the floorstander). The greater depth keeps the bass at 29Hz.

Power - 250 watts max, 125 watts continuous.

Sensitivity. 89dB. Recommended valve amplifier min 18 watts, and solid state 35 watts.


LF drive units - Kevlar, 5 1/4 inch, 130mm,.

28mm HF drive units - as the flagship Model A.
22kHz from silk-domes and neodymium magnets.

Left - twin connecting panel with gold-plated terminals. Also see rear port on standmount.

(Above - Burgundy and Walnut)

(Above - Black and Oak)

UK £995. Europe 1,195 Euros. Or - Buy Direct


MonoPulse design principles and history click - The design

For full spec - and usage details sent with each delivery - see Model S Standmount PDF and Listening PDF


(See left - from Norway) "Does what should be impossible for such small loudspeakers - a full and rich sound which is never tiring."

(See right) A real "audio soul" speaker review from Matej Isak for
Mono & Stereo high-end magazine.
Click Mono and Stereo



Ole Iacob Norman posted a detailed review of the standmount (then called the Model C) on a Norwegian loudspeaker internet forum. For a PDF in English click on PDF. For the original on the Norwegian forum go to Norwegian


Other Norwegian reviews and comments about MonoPulse Loudspeakers are on hifisentralenforum


Below - French Blue with Walnut top.

This is an unsolicited (and unedited!) comment from customer Jason.

"hi allan,
it's been a few days but i've been listening to music, through the S's, and i have to say Thank You Thank You Thank You ..... my god, do you know how to build a decent speaker. i thought the ruark templars were good, but compared to the monopulses they are, how do i put it, thin - lightweight - immature even. i was expecting an improvement but not like this :) and the bass, the detail - i wasn't even aware this level of information existed down there (i can feel, & hear, the ringing of the bass strings ripple through me). anything recorded live is on a different level, and the decca 'world of stereo action' lp is - well i don't know what it is, but it's not hifi any more. everything i play has an extra dimension - a rightness - so again many, many thanks, jason ."

See Reviews for all 40 MonoPulse media reports. What sets us apart is praise for realism.


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