What Hi-Fi

What Hi-Fi five star review Five stars: "other loudspeakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison."


Big bass and power - from a slim floorstander

Or a heavyweight standmount.


The floorstander - features for speaker quality


Purity and power - in this slim speaker.

150 watts continuous, 300 watts max

Frequency response

25Hz (Hi Fi+) to 22kHz.

Drive units.

HF - 28mm diam, silk domed - as on the Model A

LF - 160mm, 6 1/2 inch, Kevlar. Tuned to 39Hz.

Impedance - 8 ohms

Sensitivity - 90dB

Min valve amp 18 watts, solid state 35 watts

Dimensions -

28cm wide, 90cm high, 18cm deep
Base 25cm square. Weight 12kg

For the new Model SA version
with integral amplifiers see - SA




Crossovers - also on Standmount (Below)

Only film capacitors and air-spaced coils.

HF - fourth order - protects the HF units.

LF - first order - just voice-coil inductance
- for fidelity and purity.


£1,295 UK, E1,495 Europe / pair. Also see Buy direct


The standmount S - a full performance speaker
with a relaxed large sound


Purity and power. 125 watts continuous, 250 watts max.

Real power from this 7kg speaker.

Frequency response

29Hz (Hi Fi+) to 22kHz.

Drive units.

HF - 28mm diam, silk domed - as the Model A

LF - 130mm, 5 1/4 inch, Kevlar. Tuned to 38Hz.

Impedance - 8 ohms

Sensitivity - 90dB

Valve amp minimum 18 watts, solid state 35 watts.

18cm wide, 45cm high, 23cm deep. Weight 7kg


£995, UK. E1,195, Europe. Also see Buy direct.



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Usage instruction PDFs - go to

S Floorstander or S Standmount


Listening to reality PDF - go to Listening


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