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What Hi-Fi five star review Five stars: "other loudspeakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison."


The Model S Floorstander - and Model S Standmount.

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Both versions have clean modern looks - plus:.


Full MonoPulse holographic realism and sound-stage - giving audio transparency to make the speakers vanish.

28mm HF drive units - as used on our flagship Model A. These are silk-domed, with neodymium magnets, and a response to 22kHz.

Kevlar LF units - for power and clarity.


Hardwood tops and bases - in Light Oak (below left), the redder Meranti (right) or Black Walnut (below right)

Ten cloth colours - click colours

Right - Meranti & Green.

Below - Light Oak and Biscuit.


The Floorstander.


Slim and elegant - but with 250 watt power handling and 25Hz bass (Hi Fi +) .

95cm high x 20cm deep x 23cm wide. Weight 12kg

160mm LF drivers - real power in this slim speaker.

90 dB sensitivity. To work with valve amp minimum 18 watts, and solid state 35 watts.

8 ohms impedance - nominal and minimum. Perfect for valve amps - and less sensitive to differences between solid-state amps.


For fuller spec - and usage details sent with each delivery click - S floorstander PDF

£995, UK. E1,295, Europe

Live in another country - or dealer out of range? We supply directly around the globe - details Buy direct There is amazing appreciation and praise from many countries.

Above right - Walnut top


Left - the low double terminal panel, recessed carrying handle and profiled corners.

Left and right - adjustable spikes on extended base.




The Standmount - compact and powerful.


The specification is very similar to the floorstander.

The result is the same full sound. ("should not be possible - to get this rich large sound" - from Norway, see below)


48cm high x 23cm deep. (47cm shorter and 3cm deeper than the floorstander). The greater depth keeps the bass at 29Hz. (25Hz on the floorstander)

Power - 200 watts max.(floorstander 250w)

Sensitivity. 89dB. (90dB) Recommended valve amplifier min 18 watts, and solid state 35 watts.

LF drive units - Kevlar, 5 1/4 inch, 130mm, (160mm).

Left - twin connecting panel and rear port - in Burgundy and Walnut.

Right - Black cloth and Walnut.

UK £895. Europe 1,195 Euros. Or - Buy Direct


For full spec - and usage details sent with each delivery - click Model S Standmount PDF


(See left - from Norway) "Does what should be impossible for such small loudspeakers - a full and rich sound which is never tiring."

(See right) A real "audio soul" speaker review from Matej Isak for
Mono & Stereo high-end magazine.
Click Mono and Stereo



Ole Iacob Norman posted a detailed review of the standmount (then called the Model C) on a Norwegian loudspeaker internet forum. For a PDF in English click on PDF. For the original on the Norwegian forum go to Norwegian


Other Norwegian reviews and comments about MonoPulse Loudspeakers are on hifisentralenforum


This is an unsolicited (and unedited!) comment from customer Jason.

"hi allan,
it's been a few days but i've been listening to music, through the S's, and i have to say Thank You Thank You Thank You ..... my god, do you know how to build a decent speaker. i thought the ruark templars were good, but compared to the monopulses they are, how do i put it, thin - lightweight - immature even. i was expecting an improvement but not like this :) and the bass, the detail - i wasn't even aware this level of information existed down there (i can feel, & hear, the ringing of the bass strings ripple through me). anything recorded live is on a different level, and the decca 'world of stereo action' lp is - well i don't know what it is, but it's not hifi any more. everything i play has an extra dimension - a rightness - so again many, many thanks,
jason ."

Look at all the Model S reviews.


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