What Hi-Fi Model A. Five star review Five stars
"other speakers blurred and hazy by comparison"

Hi-Fi World Model SA. Awarded top five Globes for "Outstanding" and £ for "value"


Only 20cm wide, the Model S fits unobtrusively, even into smaller rooms. The bass is a low 25Hz 

The core Model S handles 300 watts - with specs unequalled at at the price.


The classic Model S - core specs

Max power / ch - 300 watts

Frequency - 25Hz to 22kHz

Size - 100cm h x 18w x 18d
Base 25cm square.
Weight 12kg

Internal volume - 20 litre

Drive units -
HF - 28mm silk - 22kHz
LF - 160 mm, Kevlar - 25z
8 ohm with 90dB sensitivity
An easy drive for all amps.

Amplifiers - minimum
Solid state - 35 watts
Valve - 18 watts


Crossovers - all air-spaced coils
HF - 4th order - protects HF units
LF - pure speaker inductance only

Model SA - auxilliary amp for casual use

Freestanding. Hand-held remote control.

Inputs - Wi-Fi, TV, Bluetooth, & Alexa

A full hi-fi speaker - for all the household


April 2020. Amiya Ranjan of the UAE, had previously used £10k planar speakers  His comments on the SDA, capture the product

"Sonic quality is outstanding. My daughter uses it. Everyone is happy. We listen to music every evening now."


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