Our ancestors knew the exact direction of a snapped twig

- from the timing of the impulses in the sound

At night, in the jungle, their lives depended on it


In our world, a snapped twig is not usually dangerous

But we still sense direction by timing impulses - just 3mm apart

It is what gives our acoustic image of the space around us


MonoPulse timing precision gives that image like no other speakers

The impulse accuracy between MonoPulse LF and HF units is within 3 millimetres of air-path
Other hi-fi speakers can be over 6 centimetres
out. (We would be extinct?)
For more explanation .... Design....or.... Other speaker results

A step beyond audiophile quality - reality in front of you


Two Models - hand-crafted to customer order.


Model A - power and precision - with 550 watts and 20hz bass


30 litre volume. 20 HZ bass

200mm, Kevlar, 8 inch LF

22 Khz, 28mm silk-dome HF

110cm high (AW 100cm), 22cm wide and 24cm deep. Base 30cm square.


Full details and specs ..Model A


The slim Model S - and the new world-leading SA version.


The Model S

300 watts, 20 litre volume. 25 Hz bass

160mm, 6 1/2 inch, Kevlar LF. 28mm silk-domed HF

90cm h, 18cm w, 18cm d. Base 25cm square.

Details and specs - here - inc Standmount version

The Model SA

Streamed music with ultimate hi-fi imaging.

150 watt integral amplifiers in each MonoPulse.

Sit down, switch on with the remote, select your own music on your phone or tablet -

- and reach out for the music in front of you.

This new product is on limited demo - full details to follow.


We say individual custom build - and mean it.


Cloth and Wood choices - to match anything

Adjustable HF and LF responses

Choice of connections

See....Colours & Options


For customer reactions.... ..... Customers ..........Media reactions.............Media


Accuracy perfect for vinyl
"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison"
(What Hi-Fi)


"Realism you can almost touch"

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