In a dark jungle, we knew the exact direction of that snapped twig


- each ear timed the arrival of impulses

It was life or death

Now, a snapped twig is not dangerous

But impulses still give exact direction

And music is full of them


MonoPulse LF & HF coherence

Impulses - accurate to a millimetre of travel
Others are about 6 centimetres apart
We would be extinct?


New - MonoPulse active hi-fi streaming

With full cd quality and fidelity



20Hz bass - 22kHz HF
170 watts output
Four integral amplifiers
Model AA - bi amped

And impulse precision


Ease and convenience
+ power, bass & top end
And affordable

Clean & modern

Just the speakers

Model AA bi-amp shown


Based on proven Models A and S

Merged with latest Class D amplifiers, for a
unique combination of quality and convenience



Below for outline specifications


Individual custom build

Cloth colours

Cloth (left) Wood (below)
to match anything -

Top & base shown below.
The Black can be in any colour.

LF & HF adjustable

Connection choices available



Customer reactions.... Customers
Media reactions ......Media


More on speaker impulse coherence
Design....or.... Other speaker results



The Model A - and active Model AA


The Model A

550 w max,
250 w continuous

20 Hz bass.
200mm Kevlar LF

22 kHz, 28mm
silk-dome HF

110cm h, 24cm w, 24cm d.
Base 30cm square.



The active Model AA

Class D amps - 170 w max, 100w cont

Bi-amp and bi-wire


Full details see - Models A & AA




The Model S - and active Model SA


The passive Model S

300 w max, 125 cont

25 Hz bass, 160mm, 6 1/2 inch, Kevlar LF.

22kHz from 28mm silk-domed HF

100cm h, 20cm w, 20cm d
Base 25cm square.


The active Model SA

4 x Class D amps - 150 w max, 70w cont.

Twin parallel amps per channel

Full details Models S & SA



Accuracy perfect for vinyl
"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison"
(What Hi-Fi)

"Realism you can almost touch"


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