MonoPulse impulse accuracy gives holographic reality.


MonoPulse - the only custom-made speakers near this price - and the only loudspeakers using phased-array radar technology - for unique and stunning realism and real-life presence.


(If you are blindfolded and then spun round - you can still tell the exact direction of a snapped twig - now read on - - - )

We detect the direction of a sound, from the impulses in that sound. In music they give depth, sound-stage - and realism. For an explanation, and to see why MonoPulse is better at this than any other hi-fi - click The Quest.

So you can hear your music the way it was created.


The 2017 Models - distinctive designs, in an unrivalled range of coloured finishes.


Model A (Right & left)

Ultimate loudspeaker realism and power.

200mm LF units. 550 watts. 20Hz bass.
22kHz HF units in carbon-fibre mounting.

Ten cloth colours, (see below) and any colour for the top front foam and the badge.

Dimensions. 23cm wide and 110cm high.

Cost £1,795. E2,295 - UK and Europe. Also see below

Above left - real carbon-fibre top with a deep 3d effect which varies with viewing angle.
Shown with Gold front foam. The removable foam can be changed to any other colour.

"The sound is stunning." "Sheer speed and integrity" (Hi Fi +)


Above - extending spikes increase the footprint area,
and give exact adjustment for listening height.

For full speaker details and specifications - click Model A.

For cinema loudspeaker systems based on the Model A - click Cinema.

Buying worldwide or dealer out of range? We supply individuals worldwide, also to UK and European buyers who are out of hi-fi dealer range - details Buy direct. There is amazing appreciation and praise from countries around the world.



Models S and SS - new for 2017

A cleaner look now featuring hardwood tops and bases.

A choice of :-

Ten cloth colours (see below).

The hardwood tops and bases have a choice of Light Oak (right), the redder Meranti (left), or Black Walnut (on the Model SS below).



Model S - Slim Floorstander

250 watt elegant speakers - with full MonoPulse reality and sound-stage.

"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison." (What Hi-Fi)


Dimensions - 18cm wide and 92cm high.

Price - £995. E1,295 - UK and Europe. - Also see Buy direct.

Adjustable listening height - to give millimetre impulse accuracy. (Normal speakers - six centimetre inaccuracy)

For fuller details and specifications - click Models S and SS




Model SS - Serious Standmount

Photo Burgundy Cloth and Black Walnut wood (is darker than shown)


18cm wide and 45cm high. UK Price £895. Europe E1,195. Also see Buy direct.

As the Model S, but reduced height for stand mounting, 200w max output. Greater depth ensures only slightly reduced bass

This is a seven kilo full speaker with a relaxed and large sound. See a Norwegian reaction - click on PDF


Left - the double connecting panel and rear-facing port.

Right - neatly profiled corners, and any choice of badge colour.

For more details and specifications - click Models S and SS



For cinema loudspeaker systems based on the Models S & SS - click Cinema.


The ten cloth colours

We can send sample swatches to help with your choice.


Black: Intense.

French Blue

French Blue: Cool and modern.

Slate Grey

Slate Grey: Equipment match


Champagne: For light furnishing

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: Rich brown.


Cranberry: For a difference.


Burgundy: Rich red hue.


Biscuit: Blends with furnishing.

Bright Lavender

Electric Blue: Contemporary

Bottle Green

Bottle Green: Stately.

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Home Cinema


Dramatic MonoPulse realism and sound-stage, with up to 1,850 watts.

For more details - click Cinema.

Front speakers can be Models A or S

The 250 watt, Model S centre speaker - here in burgundy.

Price - £495. E595 - UK and Europe.



We have been too busy to submit for loudspeaker reviews recently, but for past reviews, click reviews.
What sets us apart is praise for realism - the original quest.

We have never submitted a Model S Standmount Speaker , but a Norwegian forum has a full report, translated to English. (It was then called the Model C) Click Norway PDF.


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Buying MonoPulse hi fi loudspeakers in the UK:

Our exclusive speaker dealers are in Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Doncaster, and Ashby-de-la-Zouch, covering, Lancashire, Cheshire, Sheffield, Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wakefield, York, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Burton, Tamworth, Nottingham, Birmingham, Stourbridge, West Bromwich, and Telford. Click here for details.

We can also supply directly. More info Buy Direct.

Contact 07785 558238 or click on

This is the reaction of engineer Mike Smith, who purchased a pair of Model A speakers directly and unauditioned.

"Allan what can I say, the speakers are amazing. It's been worth the wait. Thank you once again Allan"


Buying outside the UK.

We can sell directly - for details click Buy Direct.

Contact + 44 7785 558238, or e-mail


Many Norwegians have purchased directly. Over 1,000 postings, mainly in Norwegian, are on the hi-fi forum hifisentralenforum. We have no input to this site.

The Model S standmount (Then called the Model C) is on avforum-monopulse-heaven

We have many e-mails from Norway. This one is from Ian Christiansen, who ordered a pair of Model S speakers.

"Hi Allan,

I would just like to thank you for both excellent speakers and outstanding service. It has been a pleasure buying speakers from you.
They play sub bass and middle bass like champions. I am very pleased with all sides of the sound from the speakers. Micro dynamics are excellent, speed and timing is fantastic and they have excellent midrange on voices. A very complete speaker in my opinion.
A perfect speaker for me that likes the speed and timing so much. I am very pleased with the result and it is so much fun that I have started to play old records we have not listened to in years.
The speakers have played everything extremely well and with authority that modest sized speakers normally should not possess. So this renewed interest for listening is very good and we often play some records after the kids are in bed, instead of the usual zapping the channels of the TV all evening.
Best regards, Ian "

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