In the dark, you know the exact direction of a snapped twig

Our ancestors depended on it - for their lives

But how did they do it?


By timing the arrivals

of impulses in the sound

- to ten microseconds

- sound goes just 3mm



MonoPulse speakers keep that impulse timing

To give an acoustic image like no other hi-fi loudspeakers

A step beyond audiophile quality - reality in front of you


A scope shows MonoPulse LF & HF reactions to an impulse.


MonoPulse LF and HF
unit reactions are less
than 10 microseconds
apart - 3mm air path

No other speakers have
this accuracy and realism

Other hi-fi responses are
over 200 microseconds apart
- 6 centimetres of air path

(Would we be extinct?)



Accuracy perfect for vinyl
"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison"
(What Hi-Fi)


Custom made - to your choice of colour and finish


Model A - power and precision, with 550 watts and 20hz bass


30 litre volume. 20 HZ bass

200mm, 8 inch LF units.

22 Khz, 28mm silk-dome HF

110cm high (Or 100cm), 22cm wide and .24cm deep. Base 30cm square.





Model S - neat acoustic presence - floorstand or standmount


Floorstanding - 300 watts

20 litre volume. 25 Hz bass

With 160mm, 6 1/2 inch LF units

90cm high, 18cm wide, 18cm deep.
Base 25cm square


Standmount - 250 watts

10 litre volume. 29Hz bass

With 130mm, 5 1/4 inch LF units

18cm wide, 45cm high - & 21cm deep.


Both have the same 22kHz HF unit as the Model A



The unique MonoPulse offer - custom built for you

Ultimate realism & quality +

adjustable HF and LF responses and connections

colour choices to match any modern furnishing


For more details and specs - click .. Model A .....Model S ....Colours & Options


To see more impulse timing info - click on:

How MonoPulse was developed - and gives such accuracy, realism and presence

Those surprising responses and delay curves from other hi-fi speakers


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