Our ancestors could sense the exact direction of a snapped twig

- from the timing of impulses in the sound

At night, in the jungle, their lives depended on it


In our world, a snapped twig is not usually dangerous

But we still sense direction by timing impulses

They give an acoustic image of the space around us


MonoPulse timing precision gives that image like no other speakers

The impulse accuracy of MonoPulse is 3 millimetres of air-path
Most hi-fi speakers are over 6 centimetres
. (We would be extinct?)


Model A - power and precision - with 550 watts and 20hz bass


20 HZ bass. 200mm, 8 inch LF

22 Khz, 28mm silk-dome HF

110cm high (AW 100cm), 22cm wide and 24cm deep. Base 30cm square.

Tops -
Carbon fibre
(left) - on Model AC
Hardwood (right) or any Metallic Satin
on Model AW (Bases, inc Satin Metallic - below)

Full details and specs ..Model A


Model S - an elegant 300 watts

- and a new active Model SA version - streamed music in the room with you


25 Hz bass, 160mm, 6 1/2 inch, Kevlar LF.

22kHz from 28mm silk-domed HF

90cm h, 18cm w, 20cm d. Base 25cm square.


Model SA - active (see right, and details below)
With integral amplifier - for true realism in streaming


Bases - all models (Tops - see above)

Choice of three hardwoods (left - Oak)
or Metallic Satin - in any colour, (right - Black)

Full details and specs ....... Model S

The Model SA - quality streaming - details below


We say individual custom build - and mean it.

Cloth colours

Cloth and Wood - combinations to match anything

Frequency response - LF & HF adjustable

Connections - choices available

For details of all these options and choices - click....... Options


For customer reactions.... ..... Customers ..........Media reactions .............Media

For more explanation on speaker impulse accuracy.... Design....or.... Other speaker results


Accuracy perfect for vinyl
"Other speakers sound blurred and hazy by comparison"
(What Hi-Fi)


"Realism you can almost touch"


The new active Model SA - built-in streamed realism.


On-line music streaming is now everywhere.

But interest in traditional hi-fi has fallen - somehow left behind.



Convenience? Ease of use? Cost?

Yes, to all. But with loss of top-end, low power, limited bass, and - most of all - no image of the real music in front of you.


MonoPulse Model SA - future streaming

Full quality - with just a phone/tablet and MonoPulse SAs

Simple, available, and affordable - with all the MonoPulse definition, imaging, bass and power - streamed realism.

The impulse accuracy of MonoPulse speakers is the last vital link - from a digital world, to our analogue ears.


The Model SA set up - so simple

You need just the MonoPulse SAs in front of you.

Sit down, switch them on with the remote control.

Use your phone or tablet to select your play list.

Lean back, shut your eyes - and let the music wash over you. So easy - with full hi-fi power and quality- and MonoPulse reality.

Using a convenient Bluetooth connection there is no loss of quality up to full CD 16/44.1 For lossless studio or master quality we supply an easy-to-hide single wire link.


The specifications


Loudspeaker - as the Model S

The overall size increases to 100cm high,
wide, 20cm deep. Base 26cm square.

Amplifier - 150 watt max Class D per unit Right

Remote IR on/off and volume controls
Overload, overheat, and short circuit protection
Input RCA female.


Left - amp rear, with mains and audio input sockets. More details below.

Right - a top in Walnut


Connection details


Speaker terminal panel - left top - the drive unit input is via silver wire to the upper terminals. Can be also be used by an external amp as a Model S. Removal of the gold-plated link adjusts the HF.

Amplifier outputs - left lower central - are gold-plated screw terminals. Two parallel internal modules give a combined output of 150 watts max.

Amplifier mains input - amp right - is a figure-of-eight push connector. Below this is the power switch. Stand-by mode is by remote control to the front panel.

Amplifier AF inputs - amp left - are co-axial RCA sockets. The two inputs are in parallel. One is used for the Bluetooth input. The spare can be used with an external pre amp.

Bluetooth input -

The unit receives a wireless link from a phone or tablet streaming source.



The 3 metre coax/RCA cables connect to the Model SA inputs.

Usage and listening guidance Model SA p1 and Model SA p2


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