Carbon-fibre mounted HF - for total impulse accuracy.


20Hz bass and 550 watts power - rock-solid at concert volumes.

Adjustable HF - for individual preference and an HF boost for late-night listening.

The Home page quoted Norwegian Hi Fi expert Hakon Rognlien's new 12 page review of the Model A:

This is another excerpt:

"I have connected this easy-to-drive-design to 4 different amplifiers, all the way from 120 watts class D, down to a 15 watts class A single-ended valve amplifier, none of them showing even a hint of stress whatever music I threw on them. Using the 18 watt Audio Note P2 SE Signature was a was a completely astonishing and powerful match.

And they can go loud. I mean these beasts will tolerate short bursts up to 1500 watts!

For the MonoPulse story and technical details - see The Quest


Delivering your music the way it was created.


£1,795 UK, E2,295 Europe. Dealer out of range? Live elsewhere? We supply around the globe - details Direct. There is amazing appreciation and praise from many countries.


Right - extended spikes for stability and listening height adjustment.

Left - the carbon-fibre top can be in hi-tech carbon (shown), or any gloss or metallic satin colour.

Left - Changeable foams can be any colour. A second pair foc.


Below - Metallic Silver top and foam, also showing the integral handle.




Dimensions. 107cm high x 22cm wide x 25cm deep, and 20Kg each.

Colour choice. 10 cloth colours - see chart Any colour for the tops and foams


Below and right - the cabinet angled corner profiles.


Purity and power. 300 watts continuous, 550 watts maximum, 1,500 watts for 10ms.

Frequency response. Is from 20Hz (as measured by Hi-Fi Choice) then up to 22kHz.

Drive units.

The HF units are 28mm diam, silk domed, with neodymium magnets and ferrofluid-cooling.

The LF units are 200mm, 8 inch, Kevlar-coned, with 4 layer voice-coils and 40oz magnets.


Impedance. 8 ohms nominal, minimum 7 ohms. Valve amplifier friendly, and less sensitive to differences in solid-state amplifiers.

Sensitivity. 91dB, combined with high impedance, a loudspeaker to make the best of any amplifier.

Recommended amplifier power. Solid state - 36 to 600 watts per channel. Valve - 18 watts minimum, although we have reports of good results using 6 or 10 watt single ended valve-amplifiers, (bottom of page left).


Adjustable HF.

Extra top terminals give HF boost. For individual tastes, room absorption, or low-volume late-night listening. (left)

Crossovers. Use only film capacitors and air-spaced coils.

The HF circuit is fourth-order, with 24dB per octave attenuation from 3kHz, giving superb protection of the HF units.

The LF crossover is first order, using only the voice-coil inductance - for absolute purity.


Usage information. For the specifications and usage details sent with each delivery - click on Model A info and Listening



MonoPulse loudspeakers astonished two Scottish customers:

From Gordon Anderson

"They sound fantastic. Wonderful to listen to. The sound is stunning, fast and agile, well beyond what any other manufacturer offers for anything like this price. I have had over 60 pairs of speakers and these offer all of what I want. To say I am pleased is an understatement!"


Niel Wallace's comment was:

"Your speakers gave me a constant grin and almost a tear on some tracks. I was a musician for 35 years and always strived to find Hi-fi equipment that would produce the timbres of different instruments, but speakers have always been the final let down - till now. These are just wonderful. I can distinguish the tonal quality between a Boosey and Hawkes and a Yamaha Xeno Cornet. Listening to jazz, saxophones is sublime, leaving the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. The bottom end is endless. They go deep and stay tight with no bass overhang at all. I look forward to many happy listening hours, knowing my search for speakers is now over. Thank you for producing such a lovely musical experience. Kind regards, Neil W.

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Model A Cinema Speaker Systems.

For surround-sound with full MonoPulse realism and dramatic sound-stage, we offer a variety of options.


For cinema systems based on the Model A - click Cinema.


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