Precision, power and 20Hz bass


Hi-Fi NewsModel A. "Every audiophiles dream?
Allan Hendry believes that for loudspeakers to be realistic, they must be time and phase coherent. Images lock into space, for out-of-the-box imaging and realism beyond the room boundaries." David Alcock


The Model A - core specifications

Max power / ch - 550 watts

Frequency - 20Hz to 22kHz

Size - 110cm h, x 24 x 24
Base 30cm square.
Weight 14kg

Internal volume - 30 litre

Drive units -
HF - 28mm silk domed - 22kHz
LF - 200mm, 8in, Kevlar - 20Hz
8 ohm with 88dB sensitivity
An easy drive for all amps.


Amplifiers needed - suitable minimum
Solid state - 35 watts. Valve - 18 watts


Crossovers - all air-spaced coils
HF - 4th order - protects HF units
LF - pure speaker inductance only


Model AA - auxilliary amp adds casual use

Freestanding & hand-held remote control

Inputs - Wi-Fi, TV, Bluetooth, & Alexa

A speaker for all the household


April 2020. Amiya Ranjan of the UAE, had previously used £10k planar speakers  His comments capture the product

"Sonic quality is outstanding for me. And my daughter uses it. Everyone is happy. We listen to music every evening now."


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